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Soul Alchemy & Astrology

"We're all spiritual beings and as you recognize that in your everyday life you will find more magic, more love, more forgiveness and more compassion for the humans around you.⁣"

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Intuitive Astrology

A session to look into certain aspects of your Cosmic Map. The session is guided by your Soul's needs. I will tune into what I am receiving it is important to address about your Astrology and talk about it with you. 

What you'll receive:


  • A 45 minute mediumship reading via Zoom

  • An audio recording of the reading 

$99 USD (NEW offering)

*Note: This is not a full astrological reading, but a guided reading that will touch on a few aspects of your chart that feel the most relevant at the time.

Soul Alchemy Session

This sessions is a check-in and assesment of your energy.

A visit to your soul, a place to recognize your Soul’s voice, a safe space to remind you of the frequency we are made of: LOVE. 


Our unconscious holds incredible insight about our true self. The unconscious guards our heartbrakes to help us continue living in this human form. At some point these patterns and strategie that we built no longer serve our Soul’s calling. Through an alchemy of things like lineage messages, soul connection, inner-child channeling, etc we dive in to reconnect you with your Soul's message, and help you become aware of those unconscious beliefs and  "habitual thoughts" that need to be loved, seen and released.

What you'll receive:


  • A 45 minute Soul Alchemy reading via Zoom ​

  • An audio recording of the reading  

$168 USD


Soul Whispers

A distance reading via audio message for those seeking alignment and clarity from the depths of your soul. Your recording will be sent within the next 5 days after the booking date of your choice. You will receive an audio message with a PDF channeled message.

What you'll receive:


  • A a PDF channeled message.

  • An audio recording of the reading

$88 USD

Get in Touch

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