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Star Aligned Alchemy

For the need of the soul

"Finding our innocence is what takes us back to our heart."

~Mariana, Star Aligned Alchemy


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Soul Alchemy

Through an alchemy of things like lineage healing, soul connection, mediumship, inner child medicine, breathwork, etc. we can dive in and help you become aware of those “habits” that need to be loved and seen and then released. Available in video and distance readings.

Lineage Akashic

An Akashic Record Connection that will allow you to get to the core essence blocks and patterns of your Lineage & past lives which have been holding you back. 

Receive healing messages that will transform your path & light up your Soul.

Intuitive Coaching

During our coaching session(s) together we will dive into energetic blocks and belief systems and determine the root causes of your energetic blocks. We will dismantle what is holding you  back from your true alignment.

Intuitive Parenting

Intuitive parenting coaching will help you align with your inner-child and with your child’s gifts. Through breath work, lineage and intuitive healing, we find the blockages that started in your childhood and help you re-parent your wounds so you can show in your truth and parent your child for who they are.

Hi I’m Mariana, the soul behind Star Aligned Alchemy.


I feel honoured to have you visiting this part of my world and so excited to share with you the journey that brought me here. 


This spiritual calling began when I was a little girl. I felt the call to serve Source-God-Spirit since I was a young child. My world was full of signs, conversations and experiences that I thought were normal for others. 

For almost 30 years I have been studying and experiencing various teachings: I have been lucky to find great spiritual guides and mentors, gone through high levels of meditation, retreats, learned breathwork, Akashic records, transpersonal healing, astrology, mindfulness, mediumship and more. 


I work from the Universal heart. To me, there is no other way to be of service. If we are on this path we are constantly healing, teaching and learning from each other. 


Remembering, and helping others remember their soul’s gift - is my WHY



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Sacred Geometry_20.png
Sacred Geometry_20.png

"Mariana is truly gifted in the effortless way that she allowed my Grandfathers to describe their earthly experiences while channeling messages of intense healing. I’ve truly never had an experience like it! Her authentic love for this work radiates from her voice in a way that you can feel.

She is truly bringing heaven to earth through her readings, which I would HIGHLY recommend."


"What a transformational experience! Working with Mariana has helped me look into some old inner patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. We did a mediumship/channeling session, and a coaching session as well, which were both very inspirational and eye/soul opening. I have worked with many coaches in the past, but Mariana’s talent has been one of the most unique and admirable. I would highly recommend journeying with her in any healing or coaching capacities."


"Our session together has not only opened my heart wider, but it brought deep healing... I am in awe of your gifts and that you share them with immense integrity, grace, compassion and love.

The imagery you shared.. could only have been shared from the people past, that connected with you. I am so thankful! Still digesting as well as seeing the effects of this loving shift.

I cannot wait for our next session! Thank you for holding the space with so much love."


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