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Intuitive Parenting

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"Helping you remember your inner-child, helping you understand children as souls".

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The Cosmic Child Series

The Child is an archetype that hold infinite healing and true self-expression. We are in contact with it, either we are aware of not. We have the Child within, but we also have our future generations needing our guidance and support. Our little souls are coming with a new awareness, and are ready to embrace everything they are: their soul, heart (emotions), mind and body. Children are divine mirrors who hold a gift of innocence and freedom in their essence; their very essence allow us to explore the expression of our inner-child. Through this series we will visit different energy archetypes to help us understand our children's cosmic makeup, as well as ours. We will be able to see our children for who they are, as well as feeling seen in our inner-child unique expression. Through Astrology, Human Design, Inner-child medicine, Movement, Child Development, Energetics and Emotional intelligence, we will ground those energy aspects into our daily  human life; we will gain a new perspective of our children and our childhood, we will be able to receive the gift that our children & inner-child have for us, and create different strategies to parent and re-parent ourselves from a conscious and healing place. 


The monthly circle includes:

  • 1x 90 minute circle per month over 10 months

  • Each circle will touch on Human design, Astrology, Child Development, emotional Intelligence, Inner-Child and energetics

  • Worksheet for each class

  • Q&A 

  • Guest speakers

  • ​An audio recording/replays of the monthly sessions

*This series is for parents, parents to be and anyone interested in Inner-Child Medicine


Intuitive Parenting Coaching

Healing through Parenting~


Intuitive parenting coaching will help you align with your inner-child and with your child’s gifts. Through breathwork, lineage and intuitive healing we find the blockages that started in your childhood and help you re-parent your wounds so you can show in your truth and parent your child for who they are.

What you'll receive:

  • A 60 minute Intuitive Parenting Coaching session via Zoom which includes:

  • Inner-child medicine, lineage mediumship, Astrology, energetic balance, Human Design, etc. All to support and serve the need of your Soul via the relationship with your child

  • An audio recording of the reading

$96 USD


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