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Hi I'm Mariana,

I’m the soul behind Star Aligned Alchemy 💫. I am a lineage medium, Inner-child alchemist, shadow mentor, child educator, mom and wife.


I feel honoured and very grateful that you have chosen to follow me on this journey!


My spiritual calling began as a little girl. I felt the call to serve Source - God - Spirit - since I was a young child. My world was full of signs, conversations and experiences that I thought were normal for others. 


The biggest memory for me was this sense of knowingness that there was a bright light inside me! 


I was around 4 years old and I would have the habit to look down to my chest to check if my light was still there (such a vivid memory that I can still see myself doing it in my mind’s eye). I did it for years, without questioning why.

Somehow I knew that as long as my light was shinning and expanding, I would be ok. I felt I had support and help from a different world (HOME). And I did.

When I became a young teenager, I decided to keep my gifts to myself. I kind of shut them down from my own awareness- I think many of us do that for a different reason to, later on, learn that what is your calling, will always find a way to you - at the right DIVINE time.


For almost 30 years I have been studying and experiencing various teachings: I have been lucky to find great spiritual guides and mentors, gone through high levels of meditation, retreats, learned breathwork, Akashic records, transpersonal healing, astrology, mindfulness, mediumship and more. The part that has been missing is sharing it.


And so here we are!


I work with the HEART. To me, there is no other way to be in service. If we are in this path we are constantly healing, teaching and learning from each other. 


Remembering, and helping others remember their soul’s gift - is my WHY.


Please check out my offerings to learn!


Thanks for stopping by.


With Love in Light,

Mariana (aka Mar) 

Believing in yourself takes you to believe in your dreams and to claim their existence in your reality. 

Have you ever had a dream come true?


For years, I held in my heart the “photo” of  My future family -- the family I saw in my dreams. The truth is that my life 8 years ago was very different than what it is today, and this family picture seemed so far from reality. I had to walk the path that led me to be aligned with my dream. Each of us are here to walk our own path and CLAIM it! There is only one of YOU, and so nobody can embark on the same journey and walk it for us. I have learned so many things along the way of my life, and the biggest one was to be as authentic as one can possibly be. Because in authenticity is where your true self lives, and the most important relationship you need to have is with yourTRUEself. Getting to know your self, takes you to BELIVE in your limitless expansion, in honouring your dreams and claiming them into existence. 

I remember the day I asked “My family” to come to me - I was ready for them.I DECLARED it. I could feel my whole heart and soul singing as one for this to come true. Months later, I met my wonderful husband...I was ready for him; I was ready because I believed in myself and that I was worthy of my dreams. My vision of how I wanted to feel in a relationship was so clear that when we met, I just knew. Now almost 7 years in, we have two amazing children, live in a beautiful rainforest paradise - Squamish, BC - and build our everyday lives with love, joy and adventure. DREAMS are messages of your limitless potential. Believe and claim them!

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