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Helping you co-create with your inner-being 


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Soul Alchemy Session

A session to help you align with your Soul's needs and reconnect with your heart to re-activating Divine Love frequency. I will connect with your Guides and channel messages to help you become aware of old patterns, blocks and toxic mental chatter. Through lineage messages, inner-child channeling and soul connection you will feel empowered to take the first steps to create the life you desire. 

You will receive an audio recording of our session.

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Mediumship Connection

A 30 minute spirit communication that will allow you to experience the essence of your beloved ones on the other side accompanied with a healing message that will lit up your Soul.

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Soul Whispers

A distance reading via audio message for those seeking alignment and clarity from the depths of your soul. Your recording will be sent to you within 5 days after the booking date of your choice. You will receive an audio message with a PDF channeled message.

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Intuitive Astrology

A 45 minute session to look into certain aspects of your Cosmic Map. The session is guided by your Soul's needs. I will tune into what I am receiving it is important to address about your Astrology and talk about it with you. 

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Intuitive Alignment Coaching

A 75 minute intuitive and healing coaching session for your sacred inner -being alignment for those who are ready to dive deep into their Soul and transformation. You will tap into your highest potential and create the life you desire. This is a session to work on inner patterns, childhood & lineage stories  that you want to integrate to help you reactivate your true alignment.

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Merkaba Intuitive Coaching Program

A 4 or 6 month mentorship program where we will dive into those blockages, help you see your belief system and where it comes from, we will dive into your lineage, we will dismantle what holds you in discordance to your true alignment while using several modalities such as: breathwork, eft, akashic records, astrology, innerhcild medicine, lineage mediumship, etc. The first step is to look within and see and love what needs you the most.

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Intuitive Parenting Coaching

A 60-minute intuitive parenting coaching session that will help you align with your inner-child and with your child’s gifts. Through breath work, lineage and intuitive healing we find the blockages that started in your childhood and help you re-parent your wounds so you can show in your truth and parent your child for who they are.

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The Cosmic Child Series - Coming Soon

Our little souls are coming with a new awareness, and are more ready to embrace it all: their soul, spirit, mind  and body. They are divine mirrors and hold a gift of innocence and freedom to us. Through our monthly circle we will visit the energy aspect of each astrology archetype to help us understand our children's cosmic makeup, as well as ours. At the same time, we will ground those energy aspects into our daily  human life; we will see our projection, accept their gift and create monthly strategies to parent them are re-parent ourselves from a conscious and healing place.


I am a Psychic lineage medium and intuitive coach. The work I  do is a collaboration of you, the world of Spirit  (your guides, beloved one on the other side, your higher self) and me; I ask my ego to step away , I ask permission from your guides to tune into your energy, I ask your guides to step in and any beloved ones on the other side, and lastly I evoke  the Highest frequency of Love to be the safe grunding foundation of our time together.


I believe that we are here to remember who we are, to befriend our darkness, and forgive ourselves for all the instances we perceive ourselves different from light. As we work together the healing messages that come through are from your soul, from your ancestors and loved one from the other side , your higher self and your spirit team. 


My highest intention is to serve the need of the soul and that is unique and looks different for every person.


We walk this path together and I only indicate where the pain is, where the whaling starts. I help you activate your journey in places you might not recognize yourself. I help you remember your innocence. I see your inner-child and make sure you see it too. However, the work is yours, the walk is yours, the path and the courgettes stores that need to be made are only yours.


I have found that lineage healing is part of the journey that leads us to a more profound and graceful freedom. And by profound i mean healing that goes beyond your lifetime and beyond the mind, body and soul. By mixing inner-child love and lineage healing we dive into places that need to be seen. Heard and loved and therefore are liberated from hiding.


My former work as a Montessori teacher continues to splash the work I do today. I see children as powerful beings who come with nothing but the greatest gift of all: to remind us we are innocent, and that we are love.I believe that each soul comes with a great mission, an unfolding of unique circumstances that are only particular to that being.


The mission is our unique journey of remembering our truth and coming back home, and with that INSPIRE others to come join us and rise.


Lastly, I strongly believe we are co-creators, we are here to create heaven on earth, we are here to claim what is forgotten. I believe that it is in our shift in perception, in self-awareness of our thought processes, in creating emotional disidentification and in exercising radical self-love that we align ourselves with the collective heart of the  I Am and create home on earth.


"I work with the heart. To me there is no other way to be in service. If we are in this path we are constantly healing, teaching and learning from each other. "

~ Mariana, Star Aligned Alchemy

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