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The Childhood Episode

Childhood is host of the purest time of our lives.

It is an episode of our Soul’s purest expression.

During the early years of our life, the vibration of our being is untouchable. We shine unconditionally - read that again- we shine UNCONDITIONALLY, because we ARE love and only love. We don’t ask if we are enough, or if we need to do something right to deserve anything. We just are.

Childhood is an episode of our lives that needs to be honoured and protected. Our childhood must be lived as such, and it needs to not be rushed nor cut shorter than what is meant to be. Our Soul benefits from soaking in our child like innocence as much as possible. This innocence carries a unique print in our unconscious memory. Like any traumatic memory can be somehow "re-visited", also celestial memories can.The difference is that a sacred memory of "HOME" reactivates a pristine spiral of knowingness in our nervous system.

Inevitably, the childhood episode comes to and end to give room to our conscious human experience. The effortless, unconscious and direct link to joy, Source + Love that childhood gifts us with, is the self-love foundation that will prepare us in the walking of our destiny.

How did soaked in this 1:1 connection with Joy +Love, and how we were rushed to grow out of that stage determines a lot of the self-love tools we have or are missing.

The HOW we live our childhood is what I’m here to chat about, to uplift and to transform...

My HOW was lonely, painful, isolated. I felt different and so I let go off my pure connection. I abandoned it out of survival. I walked many years of my life as the child who didn’t get to be a child long enough. I tantrum my way out of anything I could (sometimes I still do:)). I used to deal with my adult problems from the child perspective, or from the teenager aspect of me who had to protect the wounded child. I created endless self-mechanism to keep me “safe” and alive. My “unseen” past was acting out in my adult live’s choices.

And then I met my sweet inner-child. The one who knows is safe and so it has no clue that it needs to perform to be liked. I met this inner-child the first time I was surrounded my children. Children were my first healers. They reminded me of who I really was, and I never looked back.

I want the HOW of our children and of our inner-child to be graceful!

We deserve to walk our journey knowing we are not alone.

We deserve to walk our life’s knowing we are perfect the way we are.

We deserve to have people around us who understand that being unique is our magic.

I’m a cosmic child advocate. I’m here to tell you that our new generations are coming more aware, more sensitive and gifted. And they need us! They need us to put our inside together!

It is our DIVINE duty to open up our hearts to our inner-child and find our magic, so when children show their magic we observe them with love and not afraid of the rejection we felt. They need to feel safe and for that they need to be lead and surrounded by adults who feel safe in this human experience.

It is time to fully express our specific cosmic blueprint to guide the new souls into humanness.

It is time to see and treat our children as souls having a human experience.

The time has come!

This message is not only for parents, this messages is for all of us because you all have an inner-child, we were all children once and we are part of this big humanity village.

My Inner-child's Vision + Mission is to help these new souls to feel seen as they are, and to guide others who have childhood wounds back to be seen in their innocence.

I love you and I see you,


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